WIEA ou vision

Women in Energy, Asia (WIEA) was started in 2014 with the objective to give female professionals of the energy sector a platform to grow their industry network and foster their careers through mentoring, training, role-modelling and professional development.

In addition, WIEA organizes regular events throughout the year that provide the opportunity to hear a variety of innovative speakers, panel discussions and other such activities to support the intellectual, professional and personal growth of its members.

WIEA also plans social events to provide further opportunities for its members to network in a more relaxed and convivial setting.

WIEA our organisation

The administration of the Society shall be entrusted to a Committee consisting of the following to be elected at each Annual General Meeting. The term of office of the Committee is one year. The Committee includes:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Four Ordinary Committee Members

o The Team

WIEA Photos committee-1

WIEA our constitution

To view WIEA’s latest constitution:  WiEA Constitution (2016)


WIEA our logo


The logo aims to reflect a simple, professional brand mark with a tagline evoking passion, challenge and accessibility to the wider industry.

The symbol incorporates the elements of energy source in the form of solar and that of the traditional industry in the gear symbol, with the red colour symbolizing warmth, power and energy.

The tagline “Challenging the Frontier ” refers to the fact that women today are still poorly represented within the energy industry, as it remains a traditionally male-dominated sector. Consequently women need to continually challenge the boundaries, but through their passion and strength they can continue to move forward and improve both themselves, their career opportunities and also increase the awareness for other women to be attracted to the energy industry.

WIEA expresses it sincere thanks to Mr David TAN, Head ( Outreach ) Diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design, at the SP Design School and all the students who participated in the logo competition.

The winning logo was designed by Jiayi TOH, a second year student.

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